Welcome to Tidbecks !

Subcontractor to Swedish and foreign industry - Manufactures exclusively customized products - Stocks standard range for regular customers and new customers - Custom Functions for design, design and structure - Established 1840


Your supplier of welded wire netting, welded gratings, castellated gratings, customer-adapted wire products, wire cloth and expanded metal for both Arhitechtural and Industrial needs. Tidbecks has extensive industrial experience and was founded in 1840. 176 years of entrepreneurship has given us unique experience. Through the years the company has evolved with time and today is a very modern engineering company with broad expertise in design and production. We are engaged in the development of our clients and their products. By streamlining and simplifying both processes and practices, we create profitability for ourselves and our customers. Tidbecks dedicated employees, high skills and long experience enables Tidbecks have an unbeatable concept. In 2015 we celebrated 175 years - and look many years ahead of us with the production of wire articles grill, netting and wire bent articles for Swedish and foreign industry.