Welded gratings

Used for handrails, false ceilings, as a protective covering for sound absorbers, wire netted walls, shelves, slide protection, burglary protection, screening, plaster reinforcement, etc.

Stable and formable and every cross-point is welded. Manufactured using merchant iron and stainless steel. For burglary protective gratings, alloy steel is used. Welded wire netting and welded gratings with a frame or with trimmed edges can also be delivered. Our welded gratings and welded wire netting are manufactured and warehoused in several sizes including the formats 1000x2000 and 1250x2500 mm. In general, we manufacture welded wire netting and welded gratings to order. Maximum width 1600 mm and maximum length 4000 mm, with optional mesh size from 25x25 mm and up. Wire thickness diameter 2.0-8.0 mm. Naturally, we can provide surface treatments according to your needs and desires.

Welded gratings: Untreated

Welded gratings in format. Material: untreated steel. Open ends. Surface treated gratings can be delivered upon request.

Articlenr. Mesh (c/c mm) Wire (mm) Format (mm) Weight (kg/per item)
SOL0020 25x25 2,0 2000x1000 3,9
SOL0031 30x30 3,0 2000x1000 7,2
SOL0032 30x30 3,0 2500x1250 11,2
SOL0040 40x40 3,0 2000x1000 5,4
SOL0041 40x40 3,0 2500x1250 8,4
SOL0042 40x40 4,0 2000x1000 9,6
SOL0043 40x40 4,0 2500x1250 15,0
SOL0050 50x50 3,0 2000x1000 4,3
SOL0051 50x50 3,0 2500x1250 6,7
SOL0052 50x50 4,0 2000x1000 7,6
SOL0053 50x50 4,0 2500x1250 12,0
SOL0054 50x50 5,0 2000x1000 11,9
SOL0055 50x50 5,0 2500x1250 18,7
SOL0100 100x100 5,0 2000x1000 5,7
SOL0101 100x100 5,0 2500x1250 9,2

Welded gratings: Electro-galvanized

Welded gratings in format. Material: electro-galvanized steel. Open ends.

Articlenr. Mesh (c/c mm) Wire (mm) Format (mm) Weight (kg/per item)
SGL0051 50x50 3,0 2500x1250 6,7
SGL0053 50x50 4,0 2500x1250 12,0

Welded gratings casanet: Hot-dip galvanized

Welded wire netting in rolls. Material: hot dip galvanized steel (after welding). Length: 25m

Articlenr. Mesh (c/c mm) Wire (mm) Width (mm) Weight (kg/per item)
SGL0023 10,6x10,6 0,9 1020 1,1
SGL0026 12,7x12,7 1,0 1020 1,0
SGL0004 25,4x25,4 2,05 1020 1,5

Welded gratings: Stainless

Welded stainless gratings. Material: equivalent to AISI 304. Open ends.

Articlenr. Mesh (c/c mm) Wire (mm) Format (mm) Weight (kg/per item)
HRL0001 25x25 2,5 1030x1030 3,1
SRL0050 50x50 3,0 2000x1000 4,4
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