We are specialists in manufacturing screen protection, fan gratings and machine protection in unique designs. Development is carried out together with customers to create effective and simple solutions. We work with two different manufacturing methods for our welded wire netting, welded gratings, castellated wire netting and castellated gratings.

We use modern wire netting welding for our production of welded wire netting and welded gratings. We have power looms where we manufacture with a method called castellation (weaving). The method is a "non-material-destructive" manufacturing process. Due to retained material properties, castellated gratings and castellated wire netting are often used in constructions that are exposed to vibrations. This contributes to a reduced risk for fatigue. We manufacture the actual fixtures, rings, castellated wire netting, castellated gratings, welded wire netting, welded gratings and also attachment elements. This means that we can create prototypes and samples in a very short time. We work in a modern CAD environment with SolidWorks and our project planning is managed using AutoFlow from Netforms.

Our inventory list consists of 6 different departments. Screen protection, Castellated gratings, Wire cloth, Expanded metal, Welded gratings and Accessories. The products in the inventory list are our standard products. Naturally, we offer other measurements and surface treatments if needed.

Our products are manufactured using merchant iron and stainless steel. For burglary protective gratings, alloy steel is used. Welded wire netting and welded gratings with a frame or with trimmed edges can also be delivered. Our welded gratings, welded wire netting, castellated wire netting are kept in stock in several sizes with the formats 1000x2000 and 1250x2500 mm as standard.

In general, welded wire netting, welded gratings and castellated wire netting and castellated gratings are made to order. Maximum width 1600 mm and maximum length 4000 mm, with optional mesh size from 25x25 mm and up. Wire thickness diameter 0.09 - 10.0 mm.

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