Written by CEO

We are now increasing again
As a supplier to the industry in Scandinavia, England and the USA, we are increasing our business further.
Process Industry This industry has now a great need for renovation of its facilities. Here we deliver different filter sectors, carriers and network primarily for paper pulp industry.
Contact protection Ymer Technology is a rapidly growing customer. Their demands are contact protection for various applications. This applies both off highway vehicles and wind turbines.
Volvo Penta has a stable market, both in marine and industrial. Together we are developing optimized contact protection for their large diesel engines.
For the ventilation industry, we have different solutions for their installations. Here it is important that our protection has little effect on the flow of air and does not create undue pressure drop.
This autumn, we deliver the first order for Alfa Laval to their large cooling systems. Since last summer we are also an approved supplier to the entire Alfa Laval Group.
Cab Interior In late 2015, we signed agreements with AQ Segerstrom and Svensson. After an extensive review by us and our business, we were approved as a supplier to their group. To them, we are producing articles to truck cabs and beds.
In 2016 we were in tough competition selected as supplier of bed frames for Volvo Trucks. Our client Star Spring has long been a well-established supplier to Volvo.